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How to Choose The Right Basketball Shoes?

Choosing the right basketball shoe is one of the most important decisions a player can make. Basketball involves running, jumping and quick changes in direction that require good quality shoes. When selecting basketball shoes, athletes must consider several factors to make the best choice. The right basketball shoes can help a player do well on the court, and reduce the risk of foot and ankle injuries.

Have your foot measured professionally at an athletic shoe store. The measurements will help determine the correct shoe size, and whether or not you need a shoe with a narrow or wide fit.

Choose a type of basketball shoe based on your basketball playing style. Fast and all-around players should use a lightweight shoe with moderate cushion, flexibility and support. Power players require a heavier shoe with maximum stability and cushion.

Look for a shoe cut that offers the level of protection needed. Most players choose high-top basketball shoes because they offer maximum ankle support. Some players prefer mid-top or low-top shoes because they are less restrictive.

Select a shoe with a sole that meets your needs. The surface of the sole will be made of rubber in a pattern that will help grip the floor and provide traction. Some shoes are designed specifically for outdoor play and have heavier soles.

Try on the shoes and test the fit. Test the length by pressing your thumb between your largest toe and the end of the shoe. There should be a small amount of space, about the size of your thumbnail. The width of the shoe should feel snug, but not too tight. Also take a few running steps to ensure the heel does not slip against the back of the shoe.

What to Look for When Buying Basketball Shoes?

A shoe of quality is solely defined by its in-game performance, and no matter what kind of player you are certain qualities hold true.

As explosive and high flying basketball is, it all starts at the ground. Or at your feet specifically. The grip on your soul to the court is a big factor in your performance during the game. Traction dictates the level of your explosiveness, quickness in cuts, and your acceleration to your top speed. As well as your stability in your stance, which is where your power comes from when holding your position down low. So basically, no traction means no speed, agility, or power.
The more intense a game is, the more explosive and physical it can get. Think of a nuclear reaction reaching meltdown. All of that energy needs to be contained. The same goes for you and your shoes. Support comes at the ankle and the whole foot, in general, is a must for big men, where getting stepped on is a guarantee.
Games are intense, they require your body to output a lot of power and energy, much of which will come from and through your feet, which are in your shoes. A game ready pair of kicks need to be tough enough to withstand war. Yes, some basketball shoes look nice, dripping in swag, but never forget that basketball shoes are a weapon, a tool. Any shoe made of sub-par materials wouldn’t last half a season on the feet of serious ballers.
You need to focus while you’re in the game, while your shoes are an important tool during the game, they also need to be an afterthought. So that you can focus on your jumper, or on defense. Your mind needs to be locked into the game and your awareness at max. Uncomfortable shoes are a quick way to lose your focus, so breaking in your shoes is a must.
Lockdown is a mix of both support and comfort. Specifically, lock-down is how the shoe is able to cling onto your foot. Certain lacing systems allow for different levels of lock-down, but the best shoe just seems to always get it right. Needless to say, if your shoes are not locked into your feet properly, you are not going to get any performance out of yourself or the shoe.

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